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  • Colour analysis
  • Цветовой анализ
Colour is the first what you pay attention to when choosing your clothes. Colour develops excitement and  touches your feelings.  Due to this the colours your are wearing deeply influence your mood and the way the people around perceive you. Colour analysis is the first step on the way of creating a unique image and style. The specialist will analyze the colour of your skin, eyes and hair. The personal stylist, having the knowledge and experience in exercising the English school methods, the pioneer and the leader in this sphere, will select your colors which will give vitality to your image, make your skin look fair and your eyes sparkle. The new colours will highlight your personality and give you special charm. Now color will become a new means of successful communication for you! Also an individual colour palette will be proposed to you so that you could  match up the wardrobe elements when shopping. The duration of the consultation on the appearance colour analysis  is 2 hours.


✓ You will be aware of the color that suite you  and will get professional advices how to choose garments, accessories, make-up and hair color. ✓ You will save time for shopping and making clothing ensembles for various occasions, and will be able to easily choose the thins that ideally match each other. ✓ You will be proud of your appearance  and this will strengthen your self-confidence. Order

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