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Are you keen to look spiffy and elegant?  Do you generously spend your precious time for studying the shops and your own wardrobe to find an ideal image for a  business meeting, a party with friends or an important event that may change your life? It means our project is for you! It is time to find your unique style. When you look gorgeous, it makes you self-confident and gives rise to the people around to admire you. Indeed, self-confidence is the best accessory for a woman. If you feel that there is urgent necessity to  renew your wardrobe, but you lack time to think about what you want to change, grant this right to a professional. When we talk about a strategy of style, the most important what we should take into account are the proportions, lines colors and textures. Look through the list of consultations and choose what appeals to you today. Colour analysis. The stylist will select a color palette to  highlight your natural beauty, to freshen your complexion and to raise your mood. You will receive recommendations regarding new color combinations in your wardrobe and accessories. Style analysis. Following the peculiarities of your body-build, the stylist will recommend how  to achieve a taller or slender look, help with the choice of clothes that will emphasize the advantages of your figure and will delicately  conceal the drawbacks. You will understand your psychological type and the  ways of self-expression though your appearance. It will become quite clear what rules to follow in order to achieve your goals with the help of your appearance. Wardrobe styling. Together with the stylist you will analyze your wardrobe and accessories. Put aside the garments that are unworthy and compose new stylish alternative looks out of the remaining things. Furthermore, define the strategy for replenishing your wardrobe — what to purchase and in what order. Every morning will inspire you to create a new image, infinitely varied and unique. Personal shopping. The stylist will study the shops for you, and you together will purchase new apparels with allowance for your figure, matching colors and shapes, based on your preferences, mode of life and budget. Shopping is an exiting way of self-expression!


You are self-confident, look gorgeous and feel great! As a result, you achieve splendid results in your career and private life. This service will pay you back continuously. Take the liberty and the courage to express your personality through your image. Call for a free consulation and you will see how easy it is to initiate changes!

Strategy of Style project was developed with pleasure and respect to you, the purpose thereof is to inspire you to better changes and new achievements.


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