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Personal shopping is a reasoned procurement of things with rational spending of time, money and energy. It is efficient to go shopping with a stylist after defining the color type of your appearance, consultations on the style analysis and wardrobe styling. This will allow to avoid  needless  purchases and to buy clothes, shoes and accessories  to the best advantage of your personal style so as to make an ideal combination with the available items of your wardrobe. In accordance with your goals, mode of life and budget the stylist will coordinate with you the list of shops to be attended. The best choice is shopping malls with a wide choice of brands. In the process of consultation you will be proposed various options of every item of clothing (a dress, a skirt, trousers, etc.) so as to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe and to match ideally with those purchased before. You will enjoy the process, immerse into positive emotions and will get a professional, absolutely impartial advice  from the stylist. The personal shopping is paid on an hourly basis.


✓ Purchase of needed items only aimed to create an “effective” wardrobe. ✓ Time saving and adequate investment of money. ✓ Having this experience, you will be more courageous in shopping when alone. Shopping with the stylist is an outstanding opportunity to step out of your own comfort zone and to discover new facets of your style. Recommended duration — not less than 3 hours. Order

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