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  • Индивидуальный стиль

Our clothes are a signal which we send to the others to express what we are, what we are thinking about and what we want to be.

The purpose of the consultation on the style analysis is to determine the peculiarities of your figure and to choose an ideal outline of the clothes that will hide your drawbacks and highlight your advantages. A harmonic image is the results of right combination of all visual proportions irregardless of height and weight. The correct cutout, color combination and accents can make you look taller, slenderer or make other corrections of your appearance. You will find your ideal dress, your ideal pair of jeans, ideal length of sleeves, skirts and trousers. Apart from this your personal stylist will gather up the combination of accessories that will point your style.

You will come to know how to express your personality in your appearance following your psychological type. Owing to this you will understand what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable. You will develop your own style and will not follow what is not natural for you.

In her recommendations the stylist will take into account your current concerns and long-term objectives.

The duration of the consultation on the style analysis is 2 hours during which we will establish an enormous potential for creating your ideal image.


✓ You will know how to understand and to perceive your body, and to accept it as it is.
✓ You will be able to clearly define your requirements to the clothes. Your choice of garments will become easier and more effective.
✓ You will feel natural and self-confident in the new image.
✓ Your appearance will comply with your inner world and  life goals.


Call for a free consulation and you will see how easy it is to initiate changes!


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