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  • Анализ гардероба
  • Анализ гардероба
Wardrobe styling  is the next stage after the appearance color analysis  and style analysis. What is included into this service? Your personal stylist visits you and with you together sorts your wardrobe by the following types: ✓ clothes that suit you ideally will  be used for creating new stylish ensembles ✓ clothes that require repair will be given for altering ✓ clothes that are unworthy  — tell them good-by forever! One more type of clothes may be defined regarding which you cannot take a decision – your consultant will give you recommendations. You will get professional advices how to arrange the storage of the things so as to extend their service life and to facilitate the combination of ensembles. Together with the stylist you will determine the strategy of creating a rational wardrobe that will allow you to easily pick up clothes for various activities and occurrences: ✓ for professional life; ✓ for casual wear; ✓ for the rest; ✓ for special events. Many people expect that the stylist will be skeptical about a client’s “fashion”  and will recommend to get rid of  the best part of the wardrobe. This is not true. A professional consultant knows how to make an ordinary, in common opinion, thing look stylish. Therefore the wardrobe will be renewed by the purchase of key wardrobe items with allowance for the budget that you will define. The wardrobe styling will continue as long as you need to achieve the result. Payment is on an hourly basis.


✓ At the minimal cost, through the understanding of your goals and personal style,  you will get the wardrobe renewal plan. ✓ Your wardrobe will be rationally arranged and you will have enough clothes for any occasion. ✓ You will easily  make a new look every day and will follow the route of success, love and recognition. Recommended duration — 3 hours. The next step after the wardrobe styling is shopping with your personal stylist. Order

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